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  t h e   b e s t   h e a t i n g  &  v e n t i l a t i o n
r e l a t e d   l i n k s   o n  t h e  w e b !  


There is a multitude of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning companies on the Internet, offering a whole range of products and services. We are now trying to save all that searching for the right company for UK users, with our new directory of HV and AC services websites - hv.com.

This is a new service, and we aim to list most of the best HV and AC related websites on the Internet. We do not plan to rate the services; we feel that users are best equipped to do that. To make our service as comprehensive as possible, we welcome requests for inclusion from any currently unlisted websites, and any amendments to the entries for any sites already listed. We will also honour any requests from any website wishing to be removed from the list. Please use the online web forms provided for these updates. We reserve the right to determine which websites are included in this listing.

This service is provided free of charge to users. We currently make no charge to any company or organisation to be included in the listings, but we reserve the right to charge for inclusion in the future, by giving appropriate notice, in which case we will write to companies with full details.

Get On The Web Limited takes no responsibility for the quality, availability, accuracy or content of the websites listed, or for the descriptions given for each company in their listings.

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  t h e   b e s t   h e a t i n g  &  v e n t i l a t i o n
r e l a t e d   l i n k s   o n  t h e  w e b !